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RCC Institute of Information Technology
 Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and Affiliated to MAKAUT, W.B.
 An ISO 9001 - 2008 & ISO 14001 - 2004 Certified Institute
A Unit of RCC Institute of Technology an autonomous Society of Department of Higher Education, Govt. of West Bengal

EE Department Students Projects

Wireless temperature monitoring and control using Bluetooth and DS18b20 temperature sensors_GR1
Dual Temperature Monitoring System using IOT_GR2
Sepic-Cuk Boost based SIMO Converter using dspic Microcontroller_GR3
Digital Clock Circuit Using DS1307 & 8051 Micro Controller _GR4
IOT based Home Automation System Using Raspberry Pi and Temperature & Humidity Sensor _GR5
Design of an MPPT using Intelligent System for Hybrid Wind Solar PV plant_GR6
Synchronization of Non-conventional Energy Source _GR7
Solution to Economic Load Dispatch using PSO_GR8
Design of a Sine wave Inverter using ARM LPC1768 Controller_GR9
Machine Learning based Energy Management System_GR10
Active Front end Inverter_GR11
LABview based Water Level Measurement using Parallel Plate Capacitive Sensor_GR12
Buck Converter DC-DC Step Down Converter Design_GR13
Voltage and Frequency Controller in Isolated Power Systems using MATLAB_GR14
Solar Power Mobile Charger using Buck Converter_GR15
Speed Control of DC motor using Pulse Width Modulation_GR16
Density Based Traffic Signal Usung ARDUINO and IR Sensor _GR17
Load Flow and Stability Analysis of a Multi-machine Power System in ETAP_GR18
Hardware Implementation of a Fragile Digital Image Water Marking Methodology _GR19
Dual Axis Solar Tracker_GR1
Globally controlled multiple relays using Node MCU_GR2
SIRC based On Delay / Off Delay relay switching _GR3
MPPT Based DC-DC Converter Design _GR4
LABview based Water Temperature Measurement & Control _GR5
Buck Boost Multi Converter Design with the help of Dspace_GR6
Prototype development and Testing of a Power Electronic Converter for Green Energy using dSPACE _GR7
DSPACE based Inverter design and Implementation_GR8
Soft Start Of an Induction Motor Using Dspace_GR9
Power System Stability Analysis applying PSS in ETAP_GR10
Autometic Bottle filling System using PLC_GR11
Determination of Power Flow inj PQ 5 Bus System_GR12
Autometic Power Flow Using Photovoltaic Solar Panel_GR13
Solar Vehicle Using DC Motor Controlled by RF Remote Controller_GR14
Voltage Doubler Circuit with 555 Timer_GR15
Design of Inverter for Wide Imput Voltage Range_GR16
Autometic Irregation System_GR17
Obstract Avioder Robot_GR18