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RCC Institute of Information Technology
 Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and Affiliated to MAKAUT, W.B.
 An ISO 9001 - 2008 & ISO 14001 - 2004 Certified Institute
A Unit of RCC Institute of Technology an autonomous Society of Department of Higher Education, Govt. of West Bengal
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EE Department Students Projects

Hybrid Inverter With Solar Battery Charger_GR1
Automatic Bottle filling Machine using Micro-controller_GR2
IoT Based Air Pollution Monitoring System_GR3
Design and Analysis Of DC-AC Soft Switching Converter_GR4
Control of Home Appliances using Arduino_GR5
Design, Implementation and Study on DC-to-DC Converter_GR6
Real Time Simulation Of Dfig Based WECS System Using Matlab_GR7
Advanced Hybrid Smart Grid_GR8
IoT-Based Real-Time Weather Monitoring and Reporting System_GR9
IoT Based Smart Agriculture System_GR10
Design of LED Based Solar Power Lantern_GR11
IoT Based Smart Metering System_Gr12
Z Source Inverter_GR13
IoT Based Automatic Accident Detection And Rescue Management System
Color Sorting Machine using Micro-controller_GR15
Domestic Single Phase Sine Wave Inverter with Battery Charger_GR16
Effective Standalone Microgrid_Gr17
Design, Implementation and Testing of a Solid State Charge Controller for SPV Systems_GR18
PC Controlled Secure Load Switching Using Microcontroller _Gr1
Programmable Timer For Switching Relay Using Bluetooth_Gr2
Design And Performance Analysis Of Mppt,Buck Boost Converter/Modelling Of Spv Systems_Gr3
IOT/Cloud Based Health Monitoring System (Temp., Pulse Rate, Spo2)_Gr4
Two Stage Dc Ac Boost Converter Using Qzsi_Gr5
Design Of Step-Up Dc-Dc Boost Converter Using Spv-Mppt Algorithm_Gr6
Deep Learning Based Model For The Automatic Identification Of Covid-19 Disease Using Ct Scan Image_Gr7
Simulation And Comparison Of Standard Inverter Topologies_Gr8
Smart Fall Detection System For Elderly People With Iot And Sensor_Gr9
Ac Load Flow Studies Using Numerical Method (Relate Theoretical Calculation And Matlab Program)_Gr10
Application Of Python For Power System Computation And Stability Analysis_Gr11
Developed Concepts Of Smart Grid_Gr12
Development Of Prototype Of Hybrid Power Generation Using Solar, Wind And Harvested Rainwater_Gr13
Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Using Arduino_Gr14
Hybrid Microgrid_Gr15
Grid Connected Electric Vehicle Charging Station Using Renewable Energy Source_Gr16
Automatic Brain Tumor Detection And Classification On Mri Images Using Machine Learning Techniques_Gr17
Iris Flower Classification And Fake News Detection Using Machine Learning_Gr18
Non Contact Water Level Monitoring for Rain Water Storage System Using LabView with Aurdino Ultrasonic Sensor _GR1
Occupancy Based Load Switching Using Microcontroller_GR2
IOT based Home Automation System_GR3
Solar and Wind Hybrid Power Generation_GR4
Ultrasonic Sensor based Water Level Monitoring and Control Using IOT_GR5
IOT based Biometric attendances System using AURDINO_GR6
IOT based Prepaid Smart metering System_GR7
Micro Grid(Stand Alone System)_GR8
IOT based based Generator Condition Monitoring)_GR9
Battery Life Cycle Tester/State of Charge of Battery_GR10
Design and Study of DC Micro Grid_GR11
Voltage Regulation in Isolated Power System Using MATLAB_GR12
Autometic and Manual Control of Speed and Direction of DC Motor with RASPBERRY PI3B+_GR13
Solar Tracking and Charging System_GR14
Autometic Brain Tumor Detection and Cllassification on MRI Images Using Machine Learning Technique_GR15
Sag And Swell Mitigation in Distrubuted Generation with help of DSTATCOM_GR16
Design and Development of E Health Monitoring System Using IOT_GR17
Substation Monitoring and Control System_GR18
Wireless temperature monitoring and control using Bluetooth and DS18b20 temperature sensors_GR1
Dual Temperature Monitoring System using IOT_GR2
Sepic-Cuk Boost based SIMO Converter using dspic Microcontroller_GR3
Digital Clock Circuit Using DS1307 & 8051 Micro Controller _GR4
IOT based Home Automation System Using Raspberry Pi and Temperature & Humidity Sensor _GR5
Design of an MPPT using Intelligent System for Hybrid Wind Solar PV plant_GR6
Synchronization of Non-conventional Energy Source _GR7
Solution to Economic Load Dispatch using PSO_GR8
Design of a Sine wave Inverter using ARM LPC1768 Controller_GR9
Machine Learning based Energy Management System_GR10
Active Front end Inverter_GR11
LABview based Water Level Measurement using Parallel Plate Capacitive Sensor_GR12
Buck Converter DC-DC Step Down Converter Design_GR13
Voltage and Frequency Controller in Isolated Power Systems using MATLAB_GR14
Solar Power Mobile Charger using Buck Converter_GR15
Speed Control of DC motor using Pulse Width Modulation_GR16
Density Based Traffic Signal Usung ARDUINO and IR Sensor _GR17
Load Flow and Stability Analysis of a Multi-machine Power System in ETAP_GR18
Hardware Implementation of a Fragile Digital Image Water Marking Methodology _GR19
Dual Axis Solar Tracker_GR1
Globally controlled multiple relays using Node MCU_GR2
SIRC based On Delay / Off Delay relay switching _GR3
MPPT Based DC-DC Converter Design _GR4
LABview based Water Temperature Measurement & Control _GR5
Buck Boost Multi Converter Design with the help of Dspace_GR6
Prototype development and Testing of a Power Electronic Converter for Green Energy using dSPACE _GR7
DSPACE based Inverter design and Implementation_GR8
Soft Start Of an Induction Motor Using Dspace_GR9
Power System Stability Analysis applying PSS in ETAP_GR10
Autometic Bottle filling System using PLC_GR11
Determination of Power Flow inj PQ 5 Bus System_GR12
Autometic Power Flow Using Photovoltaic Solar Panel_GR13
Solar Vehicle Using DC Motor Controlled by RF Remote Controller_GR14
Voltage Doubler Circuit with 555 Timer_GR15
Design of Inverter for Wide Imput Voltage Range_GR16
Autometic Irregation System_GR17
Obstract Avioder Robot_GR18