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General Information

Hello, Welcome back

RCCIIT Alumni Association invites the former students to contribute and stay involved in the progress of the RCC Institute of Information Technology

RCCIIT Alumni Association keens to provide a platform that will facilitate constant interactions with the alumni, maintain support mechanisms for the alumni network and create a healthy and sustainable relationship with the alumni and enable our alumni to stay in touch with each other and with the Institute. The association is expected to build and maintain relationship with the larger community, wherein every individual member of the association are ambassadors supporting the vision & mission of RCC Institute of Information Technology.

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The Committee

The RCC Institute of Information Technology Alumni Association

Government Registered

Advisory Committee
Dr Abhijit Das (Faculty-in-Charge, Alumni)
Pradip Kumar Das (Dy. Registrar (Officiating))
Arup Bhattacharjee (Faculty, CSE)
Soumen Mukherjee (Faculty, CA)
Dr Soham Sarkar (Faculty, ECE)
Jayanta Datta (Faculty, IT)
Arijit Ghosh (Faculty, AEIE)
Sarbojit Mukherjee (Faculty, EE)
Anirban Bhowmick (Member, IQAC)
Imroz Nawaz Reja (Member, DAB)

Objectives and Support Services

  1. Professional Network
    Graduates have the opportunity to network with recent grads as well as graduates several years their senior.

  2. Placement Support
    In alliance with the college placement cell, alumni association offers career counselling, seminars, webinars, and networking events, providing helpful information about the job market and technology trends.

  3. Grooming Services
    Alumni actively join hands with training and placement cell to conduct mock interview sessions for pre final year students to groom them before their placement drive starts.

  4. Pointers towards Careers
    Alumni association often provide a wealth of career services to help students to find job opportunities and improve their chances of landing a job offer. Their input often helps us to bridge the gap between university curriculum and industry best practices.

  5. Pointers towards Academics
    RCCIIT alumni are part of Departmental Advisory Board, which time to time promotes best practices in academic and non-academic operations of the department by suggesting suitable electives, trend of new technologies, offering webinars / seminars, special training programs / tutorials.

  6. Specialist's Roles
    ur alumni act as a member in IQAC (Institutional Quality Assurance Cell). They play major role in university examinations as external examiners, or as keynote speakers in international events of the institute.

  7. Regular Touch
    There has always been a frequent contact with our alumni in individual, departmental or institutional level, regarding the where abouts and well-wishing in both the ends. RCCIIT has named the programme - C2A (Connect to Alumni).

    Along with the support services mentioned above, following are few more planning that we are going to materialize in near future.

  8. Exclusive Job Listings
    RCCIIT alumni association will host job boards on the website and/or post job listings in the college placement cell and/or through messaging services. Job newsletters and magazines as well to do the same.

  9. Finishing Schools
    Resume and cover letter assistance to help graduates put their best foot forward. Close connections leading to internships, job openings, clients, partnerships and other valuable career opportunities.

  10. Fundraising Support
    Accounted financial support for needy students, infrastructural help, award ceremony, hackathons and research collaborations and many more. These may also include events and fundraisers as well as career opportunities, such as certification programs, new degree programs, or continuing education opportunities, all of which may offer graduates a competitive edge in the job market.