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MOOCs and Internshala
Free access of students to Coursera provided during pandemic. In last 1 year 1000+ certifications, 63 professional certifications done by students.

Free access to edX provided during pandemic. In last 1 year 50+ certifications done, Agreement with RCCIIT is extended till June 2022.

Associated with NASSCOM Future Skill Prime program from 2021. In last 1 year 250+ enrolments and certifications were done by the students.

RCCIIT is a Nodal Center of Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) – ISRO; 10 courses have been successfully coordinated, more courses ongoing.

Associated with Internshala from July 2018, Ranked 197 in India (out of 3000+) and 22 in WB in 2019; 30+ five-digit internship offers in last 3 years, 370+ total internship in last 3 years. Recent top selection by Internshala

Internship offer @ Internshala